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1. Apple removed all VK and Mail.ru applications from the App Store

mezha.media image

2. Named element IDs can be referenced as JavaScript globals

css-tricks.com image

3. Feelings of guilt may signal leadership potential (2012)

www.gsb.stanford.edu image

4. Stop overcomplicating it: A simple guidebook to upping your management game

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5. Color-Perception-Guided Display Power Reduction for Virtual Reality

6. AiSupervision (YC W22) is hiring an intern (remote, start)

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7. Benzene’s bond lengths corrected: Previously out by several milliangstroms

d2cbg94ubxgsnp.cloudfront.net image

8. Short story: Harrison Bergeron (1961)

archive.org image

9. Cloudflare Calls

blog.cloudflare.com image

10. Making Python fast for free – adventures with mypyc

blog.meadsteve.dev image

11. The minimum viable fan control script

12. Not as famous as they should be: Pioneers that shaped computing as I know it

13. Dear Chess World

14. The first computer mouse (2017)

2.bp.blogspot.com image

15. A CTO should be technical

blog.southparkcommons.com image

16. Explained from scratch: private information retrieval and homomorphic encryption

17. Outdated vs. Complete: In defense of apps that don’t need updates

vivqu.com image

18. Scratch Cyborgs: The Hip-Hop DJ as Technology

thereader.mitpress.mit.edu image

19. India's lattice buildings cool without air con

20. Why OCaml?

21. Fugitive Colors: A true crime story about poached butterflies (1997)

orionmagazine.org image

22. If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales?

a16z.com image

23. Why we moved from AWS RDS to Postgres in Kubernetes

nhost.io image

24. Code Doesn't Happen to You

25. How to 3D-Print One of the Strongest Stainless Steels

www.nist.gov image

26. MTG Extended 1997

27. Hilary Mantel’s Life with Ghosts

media.newyorker.com image

28. New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 26: Zhuangzi (Open Source Ancient Warfare RTS)

29. An early disruption event is starting for the Polar Vortex

www.severe-weather.eu image

30. Philadelphia’s diatom archive is a way, way, wayback machine

hakaimagazine.com image

31. Hardvard Resumes and cover letters guide [pdf]

32. Physicists Rewrite a Quantum Rule That Clashes with Our Universe

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image

33. Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS (2011)

media.wiley.com image

34. Holonforth

35. Hideyuki Suganami and the Birth of Seven Force

36. Experimenting a New Syntax to Write SVG

37. Ignite – Use Firecracker VMs with Docker images

38. Google: Only Persistent LogIn


39. Httpt: A Probe-Resistant Proxy – Usenix

40. Raytheon, Northrop Grumman to build Air Force scramjet hypersonic missiles

41. My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container (2017)

42. Biogen agrees to pay $900M to settle drug kickbacks allegations

www.justice.gov image

43. Unheard Voice: Evaluating five years of pro-Western covert influence operations [pdf]

44. Gems from the man page trenches (2016)

www.saminiir.com image

45. The Kumatologist: Vaughan Cornish’s Wave Studies (1910–14)

the-public-domain-review.imgix.net image

46. Two women recall coming of age in Victorian London (1970) [video]

omicron.aeon.co image

47. The Pathologies of the Attention Economy

substackcdn.com image

48. Is the Micro Machines Guy Still the Fastest-Talking Man on the Planet? (2016)

pyxis.nymag.com image

49. Go runtime: 4 years later

go.dev image

50. Open Source Bait and Switch

hashnode.com image

51. “Beowulf”: A Horror Show

www.publicbooks.org image

52. Cross Region Unikernels at the Edge

53. Reading Soviet Sci-Fi at the End of the World

themillions.com image

54. Apple will permanently disable your account in the App Store for using gift card

55. Turns are better than radians

substackcdn.com image

56. The Sad State of Debug Performance in C++

vittorioromeo.info image

57. David Byrne, Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg on the outsider art of Arthur Russell

faroutmagazine.co.uk image

58. Age – a simple, modern and secure file encryption tool, format, and Go library

59. Traffic cameras expose your location through parking apps

notmyplate.com image

60. macOS Free and Open-Source Security Tools by Objective-See

objective-see.org image

61. Young Diagrams and Classical Groups [pdf]

62. Does Someone Know My Name?

63. Can Lego play the drums? [video]

64. Launch HN: Prequel (YC W21) – Sync data to your customer’s data warehouse

65. Playstation 2 Architecture

www.copetti.org image

66. Snippet-Driven Development

drakerossman.com image

67. Zen4's AVX512 Teardown

68. Nvidia in the Valley

i0.wp.com image

69. A World Wide View of Browsing the World Wide Web [pdf]

70. AMD Ryzen 9 7900X / Ryzen 9 7950X Benchmarks Show Impressive Linux Performance

www.phoronix.net image

71. Cloudflare eSIM: The First Zero Trust SIM

blog.cloudflare.com image

72. Simulating a CRT TV with C++ and OpenGL

www.nicktasios.nl image

73. Learning Is Remembering

m.media-amazon.com image

74. Bytebase: 20-Person Startup, 30 SaaS Services, and $1,183 Monthly Bill

75. Ziti: Programmable network overlay and edge components for zero-trust networking

76. Twitter 'hacks' that worked for me

beehiiv-images-production.s3.amazonaws.com image

77. Fuzz Testing and Fuzz History (2017)

3.bp.blogspot.com image

78. Copy-on-Write with Deducing This

79. Load Testing: An Unorthodox Guide

www.marcobehler.com image

80. 3x new books added to the Pirate Library Mirror

81. GitHub Actions Pitfalls

82. Ask HN: How influential can physical appearance be in professional environments?

83. Inspyr

84. Something I implemented today: “is void”

herbsutter.files.wordpress.com image

85. How to explain zero-knowledge protocols to your children (1998) [pdf]

86. Rawhide – (rh) find files using pretty C expressions

87. When did POP and IMAP become a “legacy protocol?”

88. I hate telephones (2017)

jameshfisher.com image

89. Analysis of Apple Watch running data

substackcdn.com image

90. Run programs in Emacs buffer, seeing their output inline, interactively

91. People Don't Change Their Minds (Daniel Kahneman)

92. The Unmagicking of Disney

substackcdn.com image

93. Offline map test on Apple Watch Ultra for hiking

miro.medium.com image

94. JMAP: It’s Like IMAP but Not Really

s0.wp.com image

95. Literate DevOps (2014)

96. C++20, How Hard Could It Be

lh3.googleusercontent.com image

97. Mcmaster.com is the best e-commerce site I've ever used

static.wixstatic.com image

98. Ask HN: When did you stop using a printer and why?

99. Show HN: A Little Tool to Visualize Guitar Chords

100. The Book of Swarm (2020) [pdf]

101. What does $0=$2 in awk do?

kau.sh image

102. Has the Zodiac killer mystery been solved again?

cdn2.lamag.com image

103. Lessons from a Professional Password Cracker

mrkp-static-production.themarkup.org image

104. The Subcontrabassoon Project

www.subcontrabassoon.com image

105. Someday aliens will land and all will be fine until we explain our calendar

106. Tradition is Smarter (2018)

149512802.v2.pressablecdn.com image

107. Train Travel in the UK: A Foreigner’s Perspective

paliparan.com image

108. Word Writer 6 Commodore 64 Source Code

109. Iran’s Internet Shutdown Hides a Deadly Crackdown

media.wired.com image

110. Layoffs at Canadian tech startups

www.theglobeandmail.com image

111. Reshaping Text

112. Local Neon

static1.squarespace.com image

113. Target Venus not Mars for first crewed mission to another planet, experts say

i.guim.co.uk image

114. Looking for Email Service Recommendations

115. What to read to become a better writer

www.economist.com image

116. Learning from Cows: Community Owned WiFi-Mesh

branch.climateaction.tech image

117. The Ciao System

118. How to survive a lightning strike (2014)

www.outsideonline.com image

119. 58 bytes of CSS to look great nearly everywhere

120. Opinion: A slow-moving crisis is paralyzing states and cities

www.washingtonpost.com image

121. Buckle up, America: The Fed plans to sharply boost unemployment

assets3.cbsnewsstatic.com image

122. Trombone Champ turns all songs into tooting works of genius

cdn.vox-cdn.com image

123. Why do your routine tasks get priority over your creative ideas?

124. Fools Stop Mysticizing System Dynamics

125. Skio (subscriptions for Shopify, easy ReCharge migrations) is hiring

skio.com image

126. What blocks compassion?

127. Gadgetbridge is an Android application for your smart watch and other devices

128. A history of ARM, part 1: Building the first chip

cdn.arstechnica.net image

129. What does Earth look like from across the Universe?

bigthink.com image

130. DOS on DOPE

131. Swatch Internet Time

c.tadst.com image

132. The Sayings of Old Man Tcheng

d38n0mr3wysvv6.cloudfront.net image

133. On the strange joys of mainframe OSes and legacy tech that has survived into mo

134. WordPress WASM

135. Stacker (YC S20) Is Hiring Product Engineers

workablehr.s3.amazonaws.com image

136. Packing a backpack (2014)

info.deuter.com image

137. Run SQL on CSV, Parquet, JSON, Arrow, Unix Pipes and Google Sheet

138. Rate the Room: The early history of rating credit in America

www.laphamsquarterly.org image

139. Whois: Fragile, Unparseable, Obsolete

www.netmeister.org image

140. Board Games and Markov Chains

kevingal.com image

141. Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six

davidamos.dev image

142. Bloom’s Taxonomy

cdn.vanderbilt.edu image

143. I Fooled Millions into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss

i.kinja-img.com image

144. GET3D: A Generative Model of High Quality 3D Textured Shapes Learned from Images

145. Shortest Date, and Ketchup

146. VToonify: Controllable High-Resolution Portrait Video Style Transfer

147. My iPhone 14 Fell Off My Motorcycle and Told My Family I Crashed

i.kinja-img.com image

148. Apple Big Pink #3 (1990) [pdf]

149. Storage and transaction in mvSQLite, the distributed SQLite on FoundationDB

150. What Modern Humans Can Learn from Ancient Software

media.wired.com image

151. IBM AIX for IA64 (Itanium) a.k.a. Project Monterey Runs Again

152. James Earl Jones Signs Off on Using Recordings to Recreate Voice with AI

variety.com image

153. webЯcade – WASM based retro emulation on any device

154. FBI misled judge who signed warrant for seizure of $86M in cash

ca-times.brightspotcdn.com image

155. Guix for Development

156. ‘I always made an awkward bow’: John Keats’s poignant farewell

images.contentstack.io image

157. The Double Entry Counting Method (2016)

158. Audio Optocouplers

159. Firezone is hiring a founding engineer to build an open-source corporate VPN

bookface-images.s3.amazonaws.com image

160. Ciphers and sympathetic ink: secret love letters in the Granville papers (2020)

blogs.bl.uk image

161. Schedule Cronjob for the First Monday of Every Month, the Funky Way

blog.healthchecks.io image

162. EasyPost (YC S13) Is Hiring Remote

assets.easypost.com image

163. iPhones and action discoverability, or “How the hell was I supposed to know?”

164. The Case of the Disputed Lucian Freud

media.newyorker.com image

165. Linux on the laptop works so damn well that it’s boring

miro.medium.com image

166. SafeBeat Rx (YC S21) Is Hiring

bookface-images.s3.amazonaws.com image

167. Plug a guitar in your C64 and use it as a wah pedal

www.orastron.com image

168. Free Book: Linux IP Stacks Commentary Annotates TCP/IP Code

169. ARM original operating system: RISC OS still alive after 35 years

www.cosfone.com image

170. The Blood Collages of John Bingley Garland (Ca. 1850–60)

the-public-domain-review.imgix.net image

171. Nobody’s Autobiography: Janet Malcolm examines Stein and Toklas in her new book

www.bookforum.com image

172. Vulhub: Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose

173. Silphion: a miracle plant thought to be eaten into extinction 2k years ago

i.natgeofe.com image

174. Fitbit users will have to sign into Google from 2023

regmedia.co.uk image

175. Artist Matches Influencer Photos with Surveillance Footage

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image

176. Ask HN: Should source files always end in a new line?

177. Samplebrain: A custom sample mashing app designed by Aphex Twin

gitlab.com image

178. 'Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek dead at 80 after cancer battle

www.nydailynews.com image

179. The End of My Crypto Explorations

substackcdn.com image

180. The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash

retr0.id image

181. At 4.4 miles, Wyoming team sets new rifle shot world record

cowboystatedaily.com image

182. Airships Rise Again (2021)

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image

183. Aging Programmer

184. ‘I’d rather eat an actual burger’: plant-based meat’s sizzle fizzled in the US

i.guim.co.uk image

185. Californian wildfire smoke over Europe: A first example of the aerosol observing

186. Amazon reportedly surveilling its Flex drivers in private Facebook groups

cdn.vox-cdn.com image

187. 'Securing Open Source Software Act' introduced to US Senate

www.hsgac.senate.gov image

188. Tibia is adding sound to the game after 25 years

189. Shasta: AI-powered audio recording and editing

pages.adobe.com image

190. Mozilla claims Apple, Google and Microsoft force users to use default browsers

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image

191. Plastic Eating Mushrooms (2021)

www.colorado.edu image

192. Virtual Tables with Zig-SQLite

193. A Table Alphabeticall of Hard Usual English Words (1604)

194. The Singing Ice Machine

195. Protests spur Internet disruptions in Iran

blog.cloudflare.com image

196. Burrows–Wheeler Transform

197. Ashby hiring engineers in Europe who want ownership (e.g. product decisions)

198. 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 recreated via reverse engineering (2021)

hexus.net image

199. The Homemade Heat Pump Manifesto (2009)

200. Using GPT-3 to pathfind in random graphs

jacobbrazeal.files.wordpress.com image