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i.guim.co.uk image
Nuclear engineer dismisses claim that modular reactors could be viable soon (www.theguardian.com)
www.mlive.com image
Robots on Lake Michigan beaches to prevent drownings (www.mlive.com)
One index, two publishers and the global research economy (www.tandfonline.com)
freakonomics.com image
Why do we still teach people to calculate? (freakonomics.com)
npr.brightspotcdn.com image
A supermarket trip may soon look different, thanks to electronic shelf labels (www.npr.org)
static01.nyt.com image
Asian groceries like H Mart and Patel Brothers are reshaping America (www.nytimes.com)
Tachyonfx: A library for creating shader-like effects in terminal UIs (github.com)
iconsolutions.com image
Moving to Java 17 or how I learned to stop worrying and love NoSuchMethodError (iconsolutions.com)
wp-cpr.s3.amazonaws.com image
Colorado has a first-in-the-nation law for AI – but what will it do? (www.cpr.org)
3dprint.com image
MagNEO Project: Replace Rare Earth Elements for Permanent Magnets W 3D Printing (3dprint.com)
media.nature.com image
Human neuroscience is entering a new era – it mustn't forget its human dimension (www.nature.com)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Pocket Z project hopes to rekindle pocket PC form factor with a RPi Zero 2W (www.tomshardware.com)
static01.nyt.com image
'It's All Happening Again.' The Supply Chain Is Under Strain (www.nytimes.com)
My weekend project turned into a 3 years journey (blog.znote.io)
Infisical (YC W23) is hiring to build the open source security stack for devs (www.ycombinator.com)
www.nih.gov image
Plastic Particles in Bottled Water (www.nih.gov)
Apple vented toxic waste from semiconductor fab into residential apartment (twitter.com)
benv.ca image
Counterscale and the New Self-Hosted (benv.ca)
dims.apnews.com image
Car dealerships revert to pens and paper after cyberattacks on software provider (apnews.com)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Apple is first company charged with violating EU's DMA rules (www.theverge.com)
substackcdn.com image
Electricity is replacing combustion for mastery over the physical world (www.noahpinion.blog)
images.theconversation.com image
Politics is still both local and personal – but only for independents (theconversation.com)
www.securityweek.com image
Push Notification Fatigue Leads to LA County Health Department Data Breach (www.securityweek.com)
securityaffairs.com image
LockBit claims to exfiltrate 33TB of data from US Federal Reserve (securityaffairs.com)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Microsoft shelves its underwater data center (www.tomshardware.com)
Bashbro – New software release (bashttpd rework) (github.com)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Microsoft Account to local account conversion guide erased from Windows 11 guide (www.tomshardware.com)
up.codes image
UpCodes (YC S17) is hiring remote engineers across the Americas (up.codes)
What is the most challenging programming course you have taken? (news.ycombinator.com)
www.redhotcyber.com image
Lockbit 3.0 Claims Attack on Federal Reserve: 33 Terabytes Allegedly Compromised (www.redhotcyber.com)
Microfeatures I Love in Blogs and Personal Websites (danilafe.com)
i.ytimg.com image
DIY Smart Doorbell for just $2, no soldering required (frenck.dev)
media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com image
Fire at South Korea lithium battery plant kills at least 16 people (www.nbcnews.com)
An essay on the history of mathematical typography (2017) (www.practicallyefficient.com)
files.mastodon.social image
EPA releases report on Apple's hazardous waste violations in urban silicon fab (mastodon.social)
ec.europa.eu image
Commission opens additional DMA investigation against Apple (ec.europa.eu)
www.redhat.com image
CentOS Linux 7 will reach EOL on Sunday (www.redhat.com)
Polytype: A Rosetta Stone for typesetting engines (polytype.dev)
gdb.voanews.com image
US prosecutors recommend Justice Department criminally charge Boeing (www.voanews.com)
Feedback on Sketch Colourisation (github.com)
US EPA Enforcement and Compliance on Apple Fabrication (www.dropbox.com)
Neko: Portable framework for high-order spectral element flow simulations (github.com)
B-Trees Require Fewer Comparisons Than Balanced Binary Search Trees (databasearchitects.blogspot.com)
thijsporck.com image
Benjamin Thorpe: The Man Who Translated Almost All Old English Texts (thijsporck.com)
tweedegolf.nl image
Optimizing the Roc parser/compiler with data-oriented design (tweedegolf.nl)
cdn.hashnode.com image
I switched to Vim – and it took me only 6 years to learn it (emanuelcepoi.com)
The Crazy Economics of the Most Coveted Handbag (www.wsj.com)
LINQPad – The .NET Programmer's Playground (www.linqpad.net)
www.both.org image
Looking ahead to 30 years of FreeDOS (www.both.org)
Renga 1.26 – An XMPP client for HaikuOS (pulkomandy.tk)
arxiv.org image
Deriving Dependently-Typed OOP from First Principles (arxiv.org)
media.springernature.com image
Detecting hallucinations in large language models using semantic entropy (www.nature.com)
npr.brightspotcdn.com image
82 Copies of Shakespeare's First Folio on Display at Folger Shakespeare Library (www.npr.org)
yc-workatastartup-production.s3.amazonaws.com image
Continue (YC S23) is hiring a founding engineer in San Francisco (www.ycombinator.com)
media.cnn.com image
Why Mount Rainier is the US volcano keeping scientists up at night (www.cnn.com)
Fixing a memory leak of xmlEntityPtr in librsvg (viruta.org)
ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
Feral pigeons and the London Pigeon String Foot and Rescue group (www.bbc.com)
mudkip.me image
Review of Linux on Minisforum V3 AMD Ryzen Tablet (mudkip.me)
149346090.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Singapore doubles down on lab-grown meat as Silicon Valley backs off (restofworld.org)
"We argue that mitochondria are the processor of the cell" (2022) (www.cell.com)
Start all of your commands with a comma (rhodesmill.org)
Wikipedia: 97% of all articles lead to Philosophy (en.wikipedia.org)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Inside Netflix's bet on advanced video encoding (www.theverge.com)
comptroller.nyc.gov image
Audit finds NYPD spent thousands of police hours on unconfirmed gunshot alerts (comptroller.nyc.gov)
G'mic 3.4.0: Image Processing in Its Prime (gmic.eu)
seclists.org image
Arbitrary shell command evaluation in Org Mode (GNU Emacs) (seclists.org)
arxiv.org image
SquirrelFS: Using the Rust compiler to check file-system crash consistency (arxiv.org)
opb-opb-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com image
US Forest Service proposes protections for old-growth trees, without logging ban (www.opb.org)
149664534.v2.pressablecdn.com image
The Blank Sheet Method: From Passive Reading to Active Learning (fs.blog)
images.theconversation.com image
Traffic engineers build roads inviting crashes on outdated research, faulty data (theconversation.com)
eprint.iacr.org image
Asynchronous Consensus Without Trusted Setup or Public-Key Cryptography (eprint.iacr.org)
www.historytoday.com image
Napoleon: An Extraordinary Rendition (www.historytoday.com)
assets.iflscience.com image
The World Will Soon Witness "One of the Rarest Space Events of Our Lives" (www.iflscience.com)
Is Codeberg.org financially sustainable relying on member fees? Any precedents? (join.codeberg.org)
Just open-sourced E25DX: a modern Hugo theme for tech documentations (github.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Bugs, drugs and electric venom: is this the most deadly library in the world? (www.theguardian.com)
s30991.pcdn.co image
Fresh water on Earth emerged 500M years earlier than previously thought (www.curtin.edu.au)
blog.apnic.net image
The prevalence, persistence, and perils of lame delegations (blog.apnic.net)
How to deal with a cofounder not pulling their weight? (news.ycombinator.com)
Why your brain is 3 milion more times efficient than GPT-4 (grski.pl)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Chimpanzees 'self-medicate' with healing plants (www.bbc.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Domino's retreats from Italy having failed to conquer the home of pizza (2022) (www.theguardian.com)
www.thevintagenews.com image
Explained: The secret City of London which is not part of London (www.thevintagenews.com)
DOS game "F15 SE II" reversing: more stories and now on GitHub (github.com)
visionOS thermally throttles based on how much it hears the fans in the mics (twitter.com)
TinyLetter Shut Down by Mailchimp, So I Built the LetterDrop (github.com)
www.ocamlpro.com image
Flambda2 Ep. 2: Loopifying Tail-Recursive Functions (ocamlpro.com)
ECMA-17: Graphical representation of control characters (1968) [pdf] (ecma-international.org)
raw.githubusercontent.com image
Schema changes and the Postgres lock queue (xata.io)
www.open-emr.org image
OpenEMR: The leading open-source medical record software (www.open-emr.org)
Shape Rotation 101: An Intro to Einsum and Jax Transformers (sankalp.bearblog.dev)
uw-s3-cdn.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com image
ChatGPT is biased against resumes with credentials that imply a disability (www.washington.edu)
A website where you write a message to the next visitor (www.dearnextvisitor.com)
dims.apnews.com image
US Olympic and other teams will bring their own AC units to Paris (apnews.com)
arxiv.org image
Delving into ChatGPT usage in academic writing through excess vocabulary (arxiv.org)
lupyuen.codeberg.page image
Daily Automated Testing for Milk-V Duo S RISC-V SBC (IKEA Tretakt, Apache NuttX) (lupyuen.codeberg.page)
Reference Counting with Linear Types (github.com)
Google is force canceling gsuite because I used unlimited storage as unlimited (twitter.com)
www.washingtonpost.com image
New heroes of spaceflight: Not the astronauts but the software nerds (www.washingtonpost.com)
Solar generates fifth of global electricity on summer solstice midday peak (ember-climate.org)
i0.wp.com image
The biggest CRT ever made: Sony's PVM-4300 – The Silicon Underground (dfarq.homeip.net)
Cognate: Readable and concise concatenative programming (cognate-lang.github.io)
HH70, the first high-temperature superconducting Tokamak achieves first plasma (www.energysingularity.cn)
AI is exhausting the power grid. Tech firms are seeking a miracle solution (www.msn.com)
static.dw.com image
Greece introduces the six day work week (www.dw.com)
scx2.b-cdn.net image
Scientists unlock secrets of how the third form of life makes energy (phys.org)
i.guim.co.uk image
Second Canadian scientist alleges brain illness investigation was shut down (www.theguardian.com)
cdn.ssrn.com image
An Anatomy of Algorithm Aversion (papers.ssrn.com)
static01.nyt.com image
Who Owns Alexander the Great? It's a Diplomatic Minefield (www.nytimes.com)
German Court Fines Netflix €7.05M for Infringement of Broadcom HEVC Patent (www.broadcom.com)
Trellis (YC W24) is hiring engineer to build AI-powered ETL for unstructured data (www.ycombinator.com)
Impossibly thin fabric could cool you down by 16-plus degrees (www.fastcompany.com)
assets.vu.nl image
Andrew S. Tanenbaum Receives ACM Software System Award (vu.nl)
i.insider.com image
Microsoft insiders worry the company has become just 'IT for OpenAI' (www.businessinsider.com)
i.insider.com image
OpenAI, Anthropic ignoring rule that prevents bots scraping online content (www.businessinsider.com)
ars.els-cdn.com image
Bedroom light at night increases inflammation and disrupts circadian rhythm (www.sciencedirect.com)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Sheryl Crow: 'Resurrecting Tupac with AI Is Hateful' (www.bbc.com)
Envelope – A modern environment variable cli tool (github.com)
zacksdancelab.com image
A New Kind Of Dance Science (combinatorics of social dancing) (zacksdancelab.com)
variety.com image
'Meridian': Why Netflix Is Helping Competitors with Content and Code (variety.com)
sm.mashable.com image
OpenAI's GPT-5 Pushed Back to Late 2025, but Promises PhD-Level Abilities (in.mashable.com)
haithemturki.com image
HybridNeRF: Efficient Neural Rendering (haithemturki.com)
One-third of Americans think political violence is justifiable (thehill.com)
Eight million pixels and counting: improving texture atlas allocation in Firefox (nical.github.io)
A probabilistic solution to the three-body problem (phys.technion.ac.il)
rafichaudhury.com image
Curating my corner of the Internet with a freehand web editor (rafichaudhury.com)
app.ashbyhq.com image
PermitFlow (YC W22) Is Hiring Software Engineers in NYC (jobs.ashbyhq.com)
i0.wp.com image
Reconstructing Public Keys from Signatures (keymaterial.net)
Exposition of Front End Build Systems (sunsetglow.net)
lever-client-logos.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com image
Photoroom (YC S20) Is Hiring a Django Back End Lead in Paris (PostgreSQL, REST) (jobs.lever.co)
runelite.net image
RuneLite – open-source RuneScape Client (runelite.net)
Memory sealing for the GNU C Library (lwn.net)
Language is primarily a tool for communication rather than thought [pdf] (gwern.net)
imgly-blog-prod.storage.googleapis.com image
20x Faster Background Removal in the Browser Using ONNX Runtime with WebGPU (img.ly)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Researchers describe how to tell if ChatGPT is confabulating (arstechnica.com)
github.com image
An Introduction to Sleep Obfuscation for Malware (2023) (dtsec.us)
static1.howtogeekimages.com image
My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore (www.howtogeek.com)
Supreme Court:U.S. Citizens Don't Have Right to Bring Noncitizen Spouses to U.S. (www.wsj.com)
image.lichess1.org image
Using Stockfish to identify ideal squares (lichess.org)
Spinning hard disks with dual read-write heads exist (www.seagate.com)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Redbox missed a multimillion-dollar payment it couldn't afford to miss (www.theverge.com)
slothfinder.apishop.io image
Sloth search for Ruby Weekly – a 100 minute hack turned 20h open sauce project (slothfinder.apishop.io)
motherduck-com-web-prod.s3.amazonaws.com image
What Happens When You Put a Database in the Browser? (motherduck.com)
scx2.b-cdn.net image
An ingestible device to record gastric electrophysiological activity (medicalxpress.com)
NTS (TeX reimplementation in Java from 2001) still compiles under Java 16 (github.com)
Patio11 reviews the Daylight Computer tablet (twitter.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Internet Archive forced to remove 500k books after publishers' court win (arstechnica.com)
biggieblog.com image
Solving puzzles faster than humanly possible (biggieblog.com)
Hope without optimism – transcription of a talk by Dave Snowden (2022) (gist.github.com)
emergeassets.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com image
Emerge Tools (YC W21) is hiring a senior front end engineer (www.emergetools.com)
www.eisfunke.com image
SVG: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (www.eisfunke.com)
ed.stanford.edu image
Stanford student collects her Master's degree at the age of 105 (ed.stanford.edu)
arxiv.org image
Q*: Improving Multi-Step Reasoning for LLMs with Deliberative Planning (arxiv.org)
media.mathstodon.xyz image
Why does current flow the opposite way from the electrons? (mathstodon.xyz)
ceronman.com image
My experience crafting an interpreter with Rust (ceronman.com)
i.cbc.ca image
Ontario Science Centre to close immediately (www.cbc.ca)
High-Frequency Trading and Market-Making Backtesting Tool with Examples (github.com)
www.theolivepress.es image
Barcelona will eliminate ALL tourist apartments in 2028 following local backlash (www.theolivepress.es)
www.ft.com image
TSMC experimenting with rectangular wafers vs. round for more chips per wafer (asia.nikkei.com)
bear-images.sfo2.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com image
Migrating from Java 8 to Java 17: A Comprehensive Guide to New Features (igorstechnoclub.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
We now have even more evidence against the "ecocide" theory of Easter Island (arstechnica.com)
gsmchina.com image
Huawei unveils its own programming language the "Cangjie" (gsmchina.com)
CRIU, a project to implement checkpoint/restore functionality for Linux (criu.org)
framerusercontent.com image
Patterns (YC S21) Is Hiring to Build Analytics Agents for Finance Teams (patterns.app)
scx2.b-cdn.net image
Humor, the software developer's secret weapon (techxplore.com)
assets.bwbx.io image
Apple Won't Roll Out AI Tech in EU Market over Regulatory Concerns (www.bloomberg.com)